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Donna Roman Hernandez hosted “The Jersey Beat”, a Police Talk Radio Show, where police guests discuss current topics impacting the law enforcement community. Listen to internet radio with The Jersey Beat on Blog Talk Radio.

Donna Roman Hernandez hosted "TOUGH JUSTICE" on DDVRadio every Saturday @ 5 p.m., taking on law enforcement topics and issues and exposing bad behavior with a dose of her own 'Tough Justice'.

Former Caldwell Police Captain Featured in the Garden State Film Festival



The End Short Film Screens at the 2018 Hoboken International Film Festival



Cop Shot: The Aftermath Wins Best Documentary Award at the 2018 Hoboken International Film Festival



Crossing Bloodlines Wins 2 Awards at the 2016 Atlantic City Cinefest Film Festival



New York Talk Radio Show

“Your World Uncensored” Hosted by Dan Del Valle

Donna Roman Hernandez guested twice in February 2012 on the New York Radio Talk Show “Your World Uncensored” at 970 AM on the dial.  Donna spoke about police-perpetrated domestic violence and how she survived 30 years of domestic violence in her home.  Download archived shows @   



New Jersey Cops Magazine

February 2012 Issue – Pages 29-30.

“The Coppola of Copumentaries” - Article about Donna Roman Hernandez.



National FBI Library, Quantico, Virginia

The National FBI Library has catalogued and added three Blue Force Films DVDs to their Library collection available in-house to visiting law enforcement Officers:  The Ultimate Betrayal, A Call for Valor and Fallen Blue Heroes.


New Jersey Cops Magazine

Donna Roman Hernandez writes a monthly article on behalf of the Retired Officers PBA Local 600.



An Evening with Blue Force Films - Part of the Family - June 26, 2008

Read the entire article posted on the Experience the Shore website.


Star-Ledger article on "A Call for Valor"

Directed by: D.R. Hernandez

Where cops turn for help -- so they can keep helping others. Film on wounded Irvington officer's recovery highlights group's anniversary celebration Thursday, November 15, 2007. There's a bond. You can tell that from the way they look at each other halfway across a room. But don't expect hugs or even a peck on the cheek. "It's a cop thing," says Donna Roman Hernandez. "You get conditioned." "Yeah, none of that," says Ken Hogan. Sure, he put his arm around Hernandez when a photographer for the medical school asked him to, but you could see he wasn't comfortable. Strange, this formality. The two know each other well. One -- Hernandez -- a retired Caldwell police captain who is pursuing a new career as an independent filmmaker. The other -- Hogan -- a retired and severely wounded Irvington police sergeant whose story was filmed by Hernandez...............

Read entire article.


Experience The Shore

D.R. Hernandez - Latina Film Maker with Jersey Shore Roots

In our final interview from the 6th Garden State Film Festival, we had a chance to speak with D.R. Hernandez. Hernandez’s company Blue Force Films had it’s New Jersey premiere of Closure and A Call For Valor at the festival. When I spoke to Hernandez and she told me she was a retired police officer I was not surprised as it the profession seemed to fit her demeanor or vica versa.

Read entire article.


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