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Donna Roman Hernandez is a multi award-winning independent film Director, Producer, Composer, Writer and the owner of Blue Force Films based in New Jersey.  Donna is a former Police Captain who served 28 years in law enforcement.

RONNIE'S STORY is a 20-minute documentary about Veronica “Ronnie” Welch who survived 40 years of marital domestic violence at the hands of her husband.   


THE END is an 8 ½ minute film that tells the story about how a twist of fate interrupts a veteran Police Sergeant’s plan to kill his ex-girlfriend who filed a Domestic Violence Temporary Restraining Order against him.


CROSSING BLOODLINES:  LOYALTY BETRAYED is a 60-minute action-packed feature film about loyalty betrayed between a crime boss, his corrupt Detective Sergeant cousin and their childhood rival... who happens to be an Internal Affairs Police commander, hell bent on sending them both to prison.

COP SHOT:  THE AFTERMATH is a documentary series featuring wounded police officers who were shot in the line of duty  Filled with raw emotion, each officer shares his personal story of survival and near brush with death. 

THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL:  A SURVIVOR’S JOURNEY is a 54-minute docu-memoir that exposes Donna Roman Hernandez’ 35-year secret of domestic violence in her family.  THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL is a nine-time award-winning film and is distributed by the Go Digital Media Group in Los Angeles.

FALLEN BLUE HEROES is a 46-minute documentary that honors and pays tribute to America’s law enforcement Officers killed in the line of duty that have made the ultimate sacrifice.  It is a three-time award-winning documentary and is distributed by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund in Washington, D.C. and by

A CALL FOR VALOR is a 37-minute documentary about Irvington, New Jersey Police Sergeant Ken Hogan and his near-fatal encounter with an armed drug suspect who had a mission to kill Hogan.  Donna was awarded the Best NY Director Award for A Call for Valor by the New York International Film & Video Festival.  A Call for Valor is distributed by

CLOSURE is a 28-minute documentary that explores how September 11th altered the lives of two NYPD Police Officer sisters after one of them perishes in the World Trade Center attacks.  CLOSURE won the Best Short Drama Award from the New York International Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles.

NEWARK STREET PREACHERS is a 40-minute documentary that explores a faith-based community’s mission to stop the gang killings of inner-city youths in Newark, New Jersey.   NEWARK STREET PREACHERS won the Best Social Documentary Award from the New York International Film & Video Festival; was awarded the Best Short Documentary Award from the Urban Mediamakers Film Festival in Atlanta; and was screened as the opening night film at the San Diego Black Film Festival.

STREET JUSTICE is a 5-minute documentary about a 15-year old Brooklyn, New York gang member and his personal redemption after being shot 6 times, partially paralyzed, and left for dead.  STREET JUSTICE is a three time award-winning film that also received a Visionary Award Honorable Mention from the Washington, DC International Film Festival.

CROSSING BLOOD LINES (52-minute Web Series)  Family loyalties are challenged, alliances switched and blood lines are crossed when a murky family secret sparks betrayal between two New Jersey cop brothers and their mob boss cousin. Crossing Blood Lines has won three indie Web Series awards and Donna received a ‘Rising Star Award – Web Series’ from the New York International Film Festival.

INSIDE THE RING Reality Series- Currently in production.  Set in Jersey City, New Jersey a reality boxing series that follows one of pro boxing’s most celebrated Coaches as he and his team train and mentor a handful of talented, urban youths for the fight of their lives.  View the Inside the Ring Trailer on the Blue Force Films YouTube Channel.


DATING DANGERS Social Awareness Video - A domestic violence awareness video for high school students about the warning signs of an abusive dating relationship produced in collaboration with the New Jersey Women’s Clubs and Belleville High School

SHATTERED LIVES is a 17-minute documentary film that features an “Out of the Darkness” community suicide awareness walk in New Jersey where survivor families and law enforcement Officers walk in memory of their loved ones who committed suicide and speak candidly about their grief.

A FIRST IMPRESSION IS A LASTING ONE is a 120-minute training video for First responder/Police patrol response to adult victims of sexual assault.  Donna was the Director, a scriptwriter and assisted with this video’s post production in collaboration with the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

All videos are available for purchase on this website's Films page.

For all film festival awards and screenings see the Awards Page.

Donna Roman Hernandez
Phone:  973-979-9207

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