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Former Police Captain Donna Roman (D.R.) Hernandez exposes her family’s 40-year secret of domestic violence that had life-altering consequences for her entire family in the multi-award-winning docu-drama independent film “The Ultimate Betrayal:  A Survivor’s Journey”.  Donna felt professionally and culturally bound to keep this abuse a secret until now.

This edgy, empowering 54-minute film is about a “woman in blue” who lived 40 years under the shadows of violence, haunted by the memories of an abusive father who physically and emotionally terrorized her, her mother, and her siblings.   For the first time in her life, Donna, who grew up in Newark, New Jersey, breaks her silence after the premature death of her mother and comes forward to tell about the lifetime of domestic violence she witnessed her mother endure during her 48-year marriage and the 40 years of abuse Donna and her siblings suffered at the hands of her father, a highly decorated disabled WWII veteran and post-war law enforcement officer.

In 2006 this film won Dovetail TV’s Internet Best Overall Film Award and the Short Documentary Film Award and in March 2007 it won the U.S.A. Short Documentary Film Award at the  Women’s International Film Festival of South Florida.  This film’s theme song, composed by  D.R. Hernandez, won the Home Grown Composer Award at the 2007 New Jersey Garden  State Film Festival.

Film upgraded in 2011 from original version




  • Donna Roman Hernandez: Director, Producer, Screenwriter

  • Anna Maria Vag: Director of Photography

  • Erwin Kreiner: Editor

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Veteran Irvington New Jersey Police Sergeant Ken Hogan never expected the suspect he stopped on a cold, snowy morning in January of 1994 to be armed and ready to end his life. The suspect had a mission not only to kill Hogan but also to kill himself.


Sergeant Hogan notified Police Communications that he was stopping the suspect and seconds later he radioed Communications twice “I’ve been shot”. Backup Officers quickly responded to this “Officer Down” call but when they arrived on scene the ambush was all over.


Sgt. Hogan was ambushed inside his police car as the suspect fired more than 19 bullets at Hogan from a semi-automatic weapon. Sgt. Hogan never had the chance to unholster his weapon. Hogan was bleeding profusely suffering with four bullets in his body, with the last one lodging his skull. He knew he was in a bad place with no where to hide so he relied on his own survival plan to live, a plan he honed his entire career.


The suspect completed only part of his mission—he died at his own hand a few blocks from the ambush.


Sgt. Ken Hogan lived and tells his courageous story in A CALL FOR VALOR, an independent film production by Blue Force Films, D.R. Hernandez, Director & Producer.



Donna Roman Hernandez, Director & Producer
Donna Roman Hernandez, Videographer
Erwin Kreiner, Editor
Gera Hernandez, Technical Support
Blue Force Films, Production Company



Sgt. Ken Hogan
Dennis Doriety
Lolita Whiting

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 “Fallen Blue Heroes”, a 46-minute emotional documentary film,   pays   tribute to America’s fallen law enforcement Officers who   have made   the ultimate sacrifice protecting others.  Each May   during National   Police Week in Washington, D.C. the Police Unity   Tour, law   enforcement officers, supporters, families and survivors   gather at   the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial to   honor, respect,   and remember these heroes.




  • Director: Donna Roman Hernandez

  • Executive Director: Donna Roman Hernandez

  • Videographer:  Donna Roman Hernandez

  • Director of Photography:  Donna Roman Hernandez

  • Editor:  Erwin Kreiner

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Hashim Garrett was a street gang member in Brooklyn, New York.  One night a rival gangster shot Hashim with a sub-machine gun causing 12 holes in his 15-year old body, immediately paralyzing him from the waist down--an assault meant to end his life.  Hashim holds nothing back as he shares his near-death experience and his tale of redemption.



Running Time:  5.5 Minutes

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On March 27, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a young visionary pastor and civil rights leader from Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia arrived in Newark, New Jersey for a visit.   At the time of his visit to Newark, the City was frightened and fractured, emerging from the 1967 Newark Riots that killed 28 people, injured 725 people, and inflicted $10 million in property damage.

On April 4, 1968, only eight days after his visit to Newark, Dr. King was assassinated at the age of 39 in Memphis.  The City of Newark, New Jersey has the distinction of being among Dr. King’s final audiences. 

Forty years later in 2008 as Newark’s murder rate soars, there is a new generation of “street preachers” who are devoted to remembering Dr. King’s dream.  Newark’s Afro-American pastors are rekindling his voice and vision for non-violence and are mobilizing their congregations to get off the sidelines and into the streets to “stop the killings”.

Donna Roman Hernandez, the film’s Director and Executive Producer, a Newark native and former Police Captain, embedded herself for ten months with four Newark Afro-American Pastors as they preached in their churches and in the deadly streets, where urban street gangs rule and violence, poverty, and innocent bloodshed are intertwined with deadly results.  They visited the crime scenes and memorials where the gang-related killings took place; marched to “take back the streets for Jesus”; and prayed openly to God for guidance to rekindle Dr. Martin Luther King’s voice and vision for non-violence.  A riveting street testimonial from a former gang member who survived a near death experience after being shot more than 10 times and left paralyzed, is one of the chilling highlights of this 90-minute, spiritually moving urban crime documentary film “NEWARK STREET PREACHERS”.

An Independent Feature Documentary Film
Genre:   Urban, Crime, Spiritual
Running Time:  40 Minutes




  • Donna Roman Hernandez: Director

  • Donna Roman Hernandez: Executive Producer

  • Donna Roman Hernandez: Director of Photography

  • Erwin Kreiner: Director of Editing

  • Gera Hernandez: Production Staff Director



  • Rev. Pastor Reginald Osborne: Bethel Worldwide Ministries, Newark, NJ

  • Rev. Dr. Jethro James: Paradise Baptist Church, Newark, NJ

  • Rev. Dr. Steven B. Davis: Calvary Gospel Church, New Jersey

  • Rev.  Elder Woods: Revival Temple, New Jersey                                          

  • Sheriff Armando B. Fontoura: Sheriff, Essex County, Newark, N.J.

  • Lt. (ret.) Sheila Hobson: Essex County Prosecutors Office

  • Dr. Wayne Fisher: Police Institute, Rutgers University

  • NJSP Det. Brian Polite: CEASEFIRE Program, NJ State Police

  • Hashim  Garrett: Wisdom & Understanding, LLC 

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This award-winning 28-minute drama explores how September 11, 2001 altered the life of Dee, a veteran New Jersey police officer, whose sister, a New York City police officer, perished in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks.  Six years post 9/11 and facing disciplinary charges by her Police Department for behavioral problems, Dee confides in a Police Chaplain her hidden repressed feelings about the death of her sister.  The Chaplain advises Donna to return to Ground Zero to confront her grief and anger in the hopes of finding closure for her loss.  Dee’s unexpected visit to St. Paul’s Chapel across the street from Ground Zero, a Holy place where not one pane of glass was broken during the terrorist attacks, shows her she is not alone in her grief and that closure doesn’t always mean an ending. 



  • Director: Donna Roman Hernandez

  • Screenplay: Donna Roman Hernandez

  • Editor: Erwin Kreiner

  • Director of Photography: Donna Roman Hernandez

  • Camera: Donna Roman Hernandez
                 Anna Maria Vag
                 Gera Garcia Hernandez

  • Music: Veni Redemptor Gentium
              Be Still My Soul
              (State of Grace)
              Heros (Il Divo)



  • Donna (Female cop): Donna Roman Hernandez

  • Police Chaplain: Greg Boyle

  • Feel Good Café Owner: Caesar Sanchez

  • Feel Good Patrons/Brothers: Chris Vuinovich, Jake Tanner

  • Internal Affairs Cop: Dennis Cruz

  • Chet (Male cop): C. Andraka

  • Man on Train: Gera Garcia Hernandez

  • Woman on Street/Chapel: Patricia Sheehan

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