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Donna Roman Hernandez

The mission of Blue Force Films is to provide audiences with thought-provoking feature length and short documentaries and dramas that tell poignant stories with inspiring messages. Blue Force Films specializes in the conceptualization and production of police / true crime films and law enforcement / first responder training videos.

Blue Force Films is an established independent film and video production company based in New Jersey owned and operated by Donna Roman Hernandez, a former Police Captain and multi award-winning filmmaker, Director, Producer, writer and composer.


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Feature Film

Crossing Bloodlines Cast & Crew

Private Screening for Cast and Crew


Best Feature Crime Drama Film


Carmine Pannullo

Best Actor - Crime Drama Film

Crossing Bloodlines Trailer

Crossing Bloodlines Trailer


The Ultimate Betrayal:

A Survivor's Journey

Donna Roman Hernandez exposes her secret of domestic violence that affected her entire family. She suffered and lived in silence with an abusive father who physically and emotionally terrorized her, her mother, and her siblings.



Carmen Cruz, Donna Roman Hernandez


53 minutes


THE AFTERMATH Documentary Series

A documentary series featuring wounded police officers who were shot in the line of duty. Filled with raw emotion, each officer shares his personal story of survival and near brush with death.

Watch a program segment from the "Jersey Matters TV Show" that aired on MeTV about Cop Shot:  The Aftermath.

Winner 2018 Best Documentary Film
hoboken ff.jpg


Short Film Trailer

The End - Blue Force Films
The End - Blue Force Films


Short Film Trailer


Another Thing with Larry Mendte TV Show

Watch Donna Roman Hernandez guest on the

'Free Speech vs. Safety' episode

Donna appearing on the New Jersey Now Show

broadcast on Fox Television

No Excuse for Abuse Presentation

 Watch Donna Roman Hernandez talk about domestic violence at the WISE Women's Center at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey

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